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Invisalign costIn summary: Never assume that a practitioner is a specialist orthodontist. It’s not uncommon for junior associate dentists, dental assistants and reception staff to imply that their senior clinicians are “specialists”, or even to refer to them as such, usually understanding neither the official industry definition of the title nor the implications of such an error. Always ask to be given a business card or title by way of email that includes the word/s specialist and/or orthodontist to confirm the registration status of the practitioner. Or simply check for yourself on the AHPRA website.


As with all extensive orthodontic treatment, it is highly recommended that you seek the second opinion of a registered specialist orthodontist before starting Invisalign treatment with a general dentist.


The average cost of Invisalign treatment varies depending on the complexity of your case.

Costs of full course invisalign treatment
if performed by a

general dentist

$4800 to $7500
if performed by a

specialist orthodontist

$6500 to $9000

*NOTE: If your case is a simple one, a process called Invisalign Lite, with fewer aligners, may be prescribed by your clinician. The cost of this form of Invisalign is usually 20–30% cheaper than standard Invisalign provided by the same clinician.

Invisalign i7 has also been recently introduced into the Australian market and cleverly promoted as new technology. Invisalign i7 is extremely limited in its application. It is simply a short course treatment of traditional Invisalign. Prices quoted for i7 by many general dentists are therefore a fraction of the complete Invisalign course of treatment with quotations ranging between $1800 and $3000. The consumer needs to be very alert in comparing the short course i7 Invisalign fees with complete course Invisalign, which is usually the procedure of choice for most specialist orthodontists.

Additional cost saving options
If you are concerned about the rising cost of dentistry but refuse to compromise on quality, there are companies such as WellOne offering discounts on your dental treatments, including orthodontics, via an affordable annual membership. You can research more about WellOne to determine if it’s right for you.